Care & Maintenance

Our artisan woodworkers have taken great pride in selecting the finest materials to craft your cabinetry to a standard that combines years of experience with the latest advances. With proper care and maintenance, your cabinets can provide a lifetime of service.


We reccomend using Woodwrights Heirloom Essentials clean and polish. They are wax and silicone free. Use a clean, soft microfiber cloth and avoid abrasive cleaners or pads.


  • Cabinet hardware may need adjustment periodically from normal use. Please see the hardware adjustment guide for instruction.
  • Thorough cleaning is recommended a few times a year. Oils and contaminants can build up and cause staining if left unkept.
  • Chips and scratches should be treated to protect the finish. Contact us to order touch up paint or stain. High use areas such as trash units, silverware drawers and around the pulls are prone to damage from cutlery, jewelry or fingernails.
  • Avoid impacts and exerting excess force on doors and drawers.


Moisture can cause permanent damage to your cabinets. Wood can swell and warp. Finish can lift and discolor. Take care to protect your investment.

  • Wipe up spills or condesation promptly.
  • Maintain a relative humidity range of 35% – 50%.
  • Sink areas require more attention, keep cabinets dry to prevent damage. Hanging of wet towels over cabinet doors can cause moisture damage.
  • Countertop, built in or portable appliances that generate steam can be particularly damaging to the cabinets. Common examples are crockpots, coffee makers and dishwashers. Take care to avoid heated moisture exposure.
  • Washroom cabinetry is also subject to damage from moisture. Please provide ample ventialtion to keep relative humidity levels to the range of 35% – 50% and wipe off any water on the cabinetry.

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