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Traditional style


A warm, classic space where symmetry, rich stains and neutral color palette give the room a comfortable feeling. Interest is created with layered, high detail moldings and door profiles. Corbels can be incorporated to further the furniture like feel to the design.

Craftsman style example


A blend of traditional and modern style where the ornate of the traditional is dialed back and the clean lines of the modern style complement each other to give the room a relaxed inviting feeling. The open interpretation of the transitional style creates a uniquely inspired space.

Modern style


A sleek and clean space where strong horizontal lines and flat-panel door style give the room a striking visual presence. The absence of ornamentation highlights
natural wood finishes. The heavier use of drawers and the addition of integral organization accessories create a highly
functioning space.

Rustic style


A timeworn inclusive space where aged elements give the room an enduring spirted resilience feeling. Natural wood with visible knots compliment hand distressed painted pieces. Weathered or wrought iron hardware complete the space.

Farmhouse style


A casual warm space where rural time-tested traditions give the room welcoming feeling. The design can range from rustic to modern that intersects elegance and
charm. Beadboard, large prep areas and island seating give your home a favorite gathering place.

Transitional style


A cozy space reminiscent of a yesteryear where quality and hand crafted pieces create time tested function and durability. Straight lines, hefty proportions and natural stone accompanied by a large, deep
farmhouse sink complete this style.

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